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What to expect.

A woman called the church office and spoke with the pastor. She said, "I would like to visit your church. When I come what should I expect?"

The pastor answered, "Come expecting joy!"

When the woman came to the church the pastor greeted her and said, "Welcome to our church, I would like to introduce you to my wife, Joy."

The woman answered, "I've been expecting you!"

Our pastor's wife is not named joy, but we are a friendly church, and you will feel welcome.

  • There is no dress code, come as you are. Some men wear shirts and ties. Some women wear dresses. Others wear t-shirts and jeans. So don't worry about what to wear.
  • For worship we sing some contemporary songs, some praise music, and some hymns. We end the service with the doxology.
  • The sermon usually goes for 45 minutes or so. We do communion the first Sunday of every month. There is no children's church on those Sundays.
  • The children join with the adults for worship and then they go back for their own lesson during the sermon. We have nursery care available every Sunday for the entire service if needed.
  • We have refreshments available every Sunday after the service unless we are having a potluck. On those Sundays visitors are welcome to join us for the potluck even if they don't bring food. Really! We don't mind one bit.
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