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It MUST Have Been Created!

On Sunday March 19th Dr. Tom Hoyle will be giving his presentation It MUST Have Been Created! We would like to invite you to come experience this presentation here with us. Dr. Hoyle is very well informed about matters of Creation, the Bible, and Science and how they all related to one another. He is informative, entertaining and biblically accurate at the same time.

This is another unique biblical creation program “according to Hoyle.” This live and colorful digital presentation is clear, accurate, and politely entertaining for almost everyone… including youth! Included are fascinating example from design in nature which point to God as the Creator. You can come and ask questions and find some wonderful resources that will be made available as well.

Dr. Hoyle founded Bible and Science Ministries in Tacoma, Washington. Since 1985 he has spoken more than 3800 times in almost 500 churches, schools, homeschools and conferences of 55 state and countries. He has often broadcasted about the vital accuracy of God’s Word via Christian radio and TV. As a full colonel in the USAF Reserve he has also frequently spoken to our military.

You sign up for our event on our facebook page or just show up!

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