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Modern Day Purim, is a Pattern Repeating?

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Purim is known as a minor holiday on the Hebrew calendar. It commemerates the events of the book of Esther in the Bible. Haman wanted to destroy Mordecai and all of the Jews with him and devised an evil scheme to wipe them out for good. However, Esther (Hadasah) married the King and Haman's evil plot to destroy the Jews was thwarted eventually costing Haman his life.

In WWII we saw an evil dictator rise up and try to destroy the Jews. That time the United States stood up for what was right, recognized the threat and marched on Hitler's forces destroying them. Though many Jews died, the State of Israel was formed after the war.

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Now a new threat has arisen vowing to destroy the Jews with nuclear weapons, and the United States who stood against Hilter and his forces now wants to make a deal with the enemy of not only the Jews but the United States of America as well. Benjamin Netanyahu stands to address congress right before the Fast of Esther. Purim begins the evening of March 4th, 2015; the Fast of Esther begins the evening of March 3rd and the fasting occurs during the daylight hours of March 4th from sunrise to sunset. Netanyahu will speak to congress on March 3rd. Coincedence? If you understand what the book of Esther is about you will know it has many such 'coincidences' that all add up to the enemies of Israel being destroyed.

Below is an article posted on Shirat Devorah listing some close parallels in the headlines and the ancient story of Esther:

Ta'anis Esther 5775 (The Fast of Esther)

Something to think about

Once there was a King in Shushan, the most powerful ruler in the world, who had a strong disdain, dislike or perhaps even hatred of Jews.

Today there is a President in Washington, the most powerful ruler in the world, who has a strong disdain, dislike or perhaps even hatred of Jews.

Once there was a Persian who wanted to kill all the Jews, but needed the King's authorization to proceed with his plan.

Today there are Persians who want to kill all the Jews, but need the President's authorization to proceed with their plan.

The King didn't really care, as long as there was something in it for him - lots of money.

The President doesn't really care, as long as there is something in it for him - a deal with the Persians.

The Jewish Queen wanted to tell the King what was really happening, but going in to talk to the King was dangerous.

The Jewish Prime Minister wants to tell the President and his Congress what is really happening, but going to talk to them is dangerous.

Some people thought she shouldn't go, it would just anger the King and make things worse.

Some people think he shouldn't go, it will just anger the President and make things worse.

She asked the Jews to fast and pray for the success of her mission. They did so, the King accepted her words and the plot to destroy them was thwarted.

Will we fast and pray for the success of his mission? Will the President and Congress accept his words? Will the plot to destroy us be thwarted?

We commemorate the fasting prior to the Queen's plea to the King on Taanis Ester.

The Prime Minister of Israel has been invited to address the United States Congress on March 3.

This year Taanis Ester begins on March 3.

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