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Path of Salvation.

We all have a desire to know God. He has put eternity in the heart of every person. So we go looking for Him. The Bible says that those who do not know Him are lost in darkness, and slavery to sin. Thankfully God does not leave us to wander in the darkness. Instead he provides a way back to Him through the forgivness of sin and a path that leads to back to His presence. The following graphic shows the path:

1. Jesus died on the cross for sin according to the Scriptures at the same time the Passover Lamb was slain for the people in the Temple. Jesus was slain on the cross because we have not followed God's instructions and Jesus took the consequences of our rebellion against our Creator. Jesus is the doorway to the path. Accept His sacrifice on your behalf and you have entered the Path of Salvation.

2. Jesus was buried as the Feast of Unleavened Bread was beginning. Leaven is a symbol of sin and pride because it puffs up the dough just like pride puffs us up. Therefore we turn away from the sin of pride and die to our own desires in order to do what God wants. We are baptized in water after we make the decision to follow Jesus in order to literally show that we have died to our old life and we want to live a new life in Jesus.

3. Jesus was the firstborn of the dead. He was the first to be resurrected. This happened on the first day of Firstfruits. When the first sheaves of barley were waved before the LORD in the Temple. Since Jesus was raised from the dead he is the firstfruit which gaurantees the rest of the harvest (all those who believe in Him and follow Him). So we give our firstfruit offering to the LORD when we give Him this life on earth first, and He gives us life for eternity.

4. When Jesus leaves and ascends into heaven He send the Holy Spirit as a gift to reminds us of Him while we wait for His return. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to walk the Path of Salvation. The Holy Spirit arrived on the Day of Pentecost (also known as the Feast of Weeks). When we follow what the Bible says and rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit our lives become a light to the world. We become sanctified through the work of the Holy Spirit until Jesus return or we die and go to be with Him.

(Since Jesus and the Holy Spirit fulfilled the first four of the LORD's Holy Days on the day that they were celebrated. Jesus will fulfill the rest on their appointed days as well.)

5. The next we are looking forward to is the return of Jesus on the Day of Trumpets. No one can know ahead of time what day this will happen, but we know that it will happen one year in the future at the beginning of the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar. At this time we will meet Jesus in the air and be gathered to Him. Just it is pictured in a Jewish wedding where the bride and groom are lifted up and meet in the air.


6. On the Day of atonement Jesus will come and judge the nations of the Earth upon His return. All nations will be judged based on their adherence to God's commandments. We will also be judged an rewarded according to our good deeds done in the name of Jesus our redeemer.

7. On the Feast of Tabernacles God will dwell with us and rule the earth from Jerusalem. We will live in God's Kingdom of peace, justice, and righteousness. There will be no war, sickness, or famine while He reigns on the earth and crime will not be tolerated but dealt with quickly and justly.

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